Who Else Wants their son or daughter to experience playing football like a pro?

Every week First Soccer enables over 2000 children of all levels from 2 to 12 years old across Bucks, Berks & Oxon to go from playing soccer in the park, to developing their skills, forge friendships, have fun and discover exactly what it takes to become their football heroe’s….
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The First Soccer Philosphy…

“Develop the player within the person.”

“I can pretty much guarantee your child will have fun and forge friendships across all age groups and abilities at First Soccer.”

Sean Collins – Parent

Whether It’s a Saturday Morning Club. An After School Club or The FS Advanced and FS Elite level’s….What Exactly Should You and Your Child Expect From First Soccer Coaching…

It'll Be Challenging...

…your child will discover skills from learning how to kick and dribble with the ball to advanced level game understanding in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 all the way up to 11v11…

  • …we’ll introduce your child to dribbling. This includes slow directional dribbling to discovering moves that will enable your child to dribble past opponents whilst under pressure.
  • We’ll introduce your child to small kicks. Then one paced kicking to directional kicking to learning exactly when and how to execute short, long and cross field passes. 
  • We’ll show your child exactly how to stop a slow moving ball to eventually receiving fast moving balls at different angles with the thigh, chest and head. 
  • We’ll introduce your child how to effectively change direction with or without a ball to keep their opponents guessing. 
  • We’ll teach your child game understanding in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8, 9v9 and 11v11 so they can effectively understand how to play in any team. 

Your Child Will Discover...

…the physical movements necessary from jumping and running and as your child gets older, they’ll learn how to gain an advantage on the pitch using explosive power…
  • …as your child gets older, we’ll show them different types of movement from running techniques to jumping and advanced agility.
  • We’ll also show your child whats behind basic motor skills to how develop explosive power.
  • We’ll show your child how to quickly set themselves when receiving the ball to reaction play in and out of possession. 
  • As your child gets into their teens, they’ll discover elements such as Core Stability, Strength and Aerobic Fitness.

Rule #1 Always Have Fun...

…your child will be encouraged to be imaginative and creative. To be brave. To develop as mini leaders. To have the will to win including the humility when they don’t and more than anything….. to always have Fun!
  • …we’ll encourage your child to be imaginative and to express themselves during training and match days.
  • We’ll show and encourage your child to problem solve so they can quickly adapt what they’ve learn’t on the training ground to a match day at any given moment.
  • We’ll encourage your child to experiment, explore and be creative on the field, because its okay to make mistakes.
  • We practice, practice, practice skills that’ll enable your child to be brave and confident in a 1v1.
  • We’ll encourage your child to be a leader on and off the field.


  • We encourage the ‘will to win’ whether it’s school work or on the field of play, but to always have empathy and humility.

Forge Friendships...

…we’ll encourage social skills that cultivate fun and enjoyment  including how to be a role model off the pitch too.
  • We encourage all of our players to be respectful. 
  • We’ll encourage our children to be coachable.  
  • We encourage children to always ask questions and be open.  
  • We encourage our pupils to be team players.  
  • Along with asking questions, we encourage players to have good listening skills.  
  • We encourage First Soccer players to be reflective and enjoy the their football in the good and the bad. 
  • Most of all, we encourage First Soccer players to be good role models.

We’re fully DBS checked and our coaches are FA qualified. 

So back in 2007 our very first session had only eight players turn up leaving us question whether First Soccer would ever work.

Today, with the passion of the players from beginners to advanced, including the persistence of their parents bringing their children back week in week out, First Soccer has grown to coaching over 2000 young footballers across 21 schools and 3 development centres across Bucks, Berks and Oxon…

…and because of our students hard work and commitment, many of our players have been scouted by professional football clubs.

Meet The Coaches… 

“From the start, the coaches’ emphasis has always been on children enjoying football so new skills can be developed in a safe and positive environment.”

Martin McDermott – Parent

Coach Rich

Coach Rich

Returning from coaching in the US in 2007, Coach Rich felt he could offer the local community something different from just Elite to Elite football for all. He created First Soccer. His philosophy… ‘Develop the player within the person’ with an emphasis a fun, messy and creative style of play which underpins movement, passing, finishing and possession based football.
Coach Nick

Coach Nick

Nick’s focus is perfectly placed in assisting First Soccer players to be the best they can be. In addition to being a Head Coach and Director at First Soccer, Coach Nick also coaches Oxford UTD U12’s girls including a number of teams within First Soccer’s grassroots and incredibly successful Henley Lions FC.

Coach Pippa

Coach Pippa

Strength and conditioning expert Coach Pippa has played with Burnham Ladies, Maidenhead Ladies including Holyport FC and is responsible at First Soccer for creating football specific fitness programmes to help children minimise injuries, improve mobility and stability including overall sports performance. Coach Pippa says “Strength and conditioning plus staying active always wins. Be explosive and enjoy it.” 
Coach samMy

Coach samMy

A huge advocate of the technical and tactical sides of football, Coach Sammy (FA Level 1 and Flackwell Heath Centreback) is an integral part of the development in First Soccer’s U7’s and U8’s across Marlow and Bourne End. This development has filtered through to players within Henley Lions FC U7’s and U8’s who have won 5 tournaments in their first two years of playing.
Coach kieran

Coach kieran

Coach Kieran (FA Level 2) believes teaching football must be fun and enjoyable. The biggest advice he would give young players anywhere, is to always take advice on board. “If they listen to the coaches  indepth knowlegde and experience , they’ll have a real opportunity to play at the highest level or be the best in their local park.”
Coach owen

Coach owen

Coach Owen already in a young playing and coaching career has achieved so much. Currently playing with Flackwell Heath FC, Coach Owen is FA Level 2 qualified and believes the most rewarding part of coaching is seeing his players having fun whilst at the same time, progress through the levels within the First Soccer framework.
Coach Tyler

Coach Tyler

In his early days Coach Tyler wasn’t always picked for team’s or squad’s. Instead of running away from football, it gave him the hunger and determination to improve. Today, his determination to work hard has culminated in gaining numerous qualifications across multi-sports, FA Level’s 1 and 2, plus first team football with Flackwell Heath FC in the Hellenic League.
Coach Riva

Coach Riva

Making her professional debut for Oxford UTD at 17 against Millwall in 2016, including an England appearance at U16’s level, Coach Riva has been an excellent addition to the coaching staff at First Soccer. It has not all plane sailing however. Coach Riva has had career threatening injuries. Her advice to young players “Ask questions. Be brave. Be open. Have persistence and be committed to overcoming any obstacle.”

First Soccer has given Riley, my youngest, opportunities to play in the Watford Pre-Academy, and to play fixtures against clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, Oxford Utd and Southampton.”  

– Kirsten Dourish

Our Player’s Have Been Scouted By…

The Parents Are Saying…

“Amari started off with very low self esteem and with the persistence of the coaches at First soccer who all believed he could do it, he now has had interests from various pro clubs!!!”

Raffaella Cinque


“Sam has only been going to First Soccer since September and already we have noticed his confidence has sky rocketed as well as his skills….. would definitely recommend First Soccer.“

Gemma Lambert


“From the start, the coaches’ emphasis has always been on children enjoying football so new skills can be developed in a safe and positive environment.”

Martin McDermott


…“I can’t speak of the standard of coaching at First Soccer highly enough…. whatever the outcome they (kids) will be praised for trying to master their skills.”

Kirsten Dourish


Fantastic for boys confidence and progression with football.  Zac is a transformed player since joining First Soccer.

Tania Morris-Trinder


“First Soccer have a unique way of developing young talent in a fun environment which I know all the boys enjoy.”

Alex Geen


“First Soccer coaches work wonders for the children and has been a pleasure to watch from the side lines.” – Richy Andrews

Richy Andrews


All 3 of my boys have gone through 1st Soccer and 2 are signed at Reading with the youngest still training with First Soccer and really enjoying it.”

Paula Parrott


“First Soccer make every session fun and challenging enabling all the children to develop their skills, forge friendships and develop a love of the game. I would wholeheartedly recommend First Soccer to any parent.”

Sean Collins


First Soccer have a fantastic, nurturing approach. I love the way they use modern communication techniques that allow the players to get the most out of themselves.”

David Drever


“First Soccer really brings the perfect environment for kids to develop and strive. I would highly recommend First Soccer.”

Odile Marriott


“My son Lucas has been attending First soccer sessions for over 3 years and gets great enjoyment…. we feel the sessions are fun and exceptionally well run!

James Brittain


Other than a few dad’s getting together to create a kids sunday league team, looking back, I wish I had First Soccer growing up. Unfortunately for me, ‘First Soccer’s’ didn’t exist back then : ( “

John Savage – Parent

So How Can Your Child Get To Either PLAY, ENJOY or COMPETE with First Soccer?…

FS Pay as you go

‘FS pay as you go’ enables kids to meet and play football locally at convenient times without the need to commit and still get expert in game coaching from First Soccer coaches.

FS School Clubs

After school clubs could be perfect for kids to play games and matches against their school mates across 21 schools. If your school is not on list above let us know and we’ll see what we can do to assist you.

FS Advanced

Entry in to FS Advanced is invatation only where we hold 6 week trials to a small number of children that have been playing with any of of our after school clubs or pay as you go venues.

FS Elite

FS Elite is a platform designed to prepare our advanced players for the possiblility of academy football at pro clubs and academy players released from pro clubs. Entry into this group is invitation only.


…but not sure how everything will work? Call or send me an email with your childs age, school, current club (if any) and I’ll send you information on how to get your child signed up and playing, including the costs plus First Soccer offers and loads more….

About First Soccer

Every week First Soccer enables over 2000 children of all levels from 2 to 12 years old across Bucks, Berks & Oxon to go from playing soccer in the park, to developing their skills, forge friendships, have fun and discover exactly what it takes to become their football heroe’s….

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