Success Stories

We can never guarantee a player will make it to the pro game but can give them the best possible chance with close links to clubs such as Watford FC and Wycombe Wanderers FC. Check out our our current list of players training at pro centres.....

Over the past 5 years we have coached some very talented players who are currently signed or training with Pro Clubs. First Soccer have built close links with clubs such as Brentford FC, Watford FC and Wycombe Wanderers FC Elite Centre where we have opportunities to send the most talented for trials. Some of our groups have recently played vs QPR, Wycombe Wanderers, Liverpool FC, Watford FC and Reading FC to name a few and come home with some very noticeable results.


Tyler Goodrham – Reading FC U12′s (Signed)
 Alfie Anderson – Reading FC U12′s (Signed)
Austen Edwards – WWFC Elite U12′s
 James Marsh – WWFC Elite U12′s
Max Wyld – WWFC Elite U12′s

 Cole Turpie – Arsenal Development Centre U12′s

Tom King – WWFC Elite and QPR Elite U11′s
Josh Oliver – WWFC Elite U11′s
William Leyton-Watts -  WWFC Development U11′s
Liam Burchill – WWFC Development U11′s
Ben Hall – WWFC Development U11′s
Ben Milligan – WWFC Development U11′s

Oliver Holmes – WWFC Elite U10′s
Patrick Droney – WWFC Elite U10′s
James Preston – Reading FC Advanced U10′s
Paddy Rooney – WWFC Elite U10′s
Ben Parrott – Currently on trial at Reading FC U10′s
Aiden Dourish – WWFC Elite U10′s

Joe Milligan – QPR U9′s (Signed)
Charlie Camden  – Oxford United U9′s (Signed)
Nicholas BuddenOxford United U9′s (Signed)
Lochie Christopherson  – QPR U9′s (Signed)
Ethan Kemp – Oxford United FC U9s
Victor Wachowski  – QPR U9′s (Signed)
Gabriel Maslen – Oxford United FC U9′s (Signed)
Oscar Wachowski – QPR U9′s (Signed)

Charlie Hodson – WWFC Elite U9′s
Noah McCann – QPR U9′s (Signed)
William Smith – WWFC Elite U9′s
Ryan O’Connor – Watford FC U9′s (Signed)
James McDowell – Barnet FC U9′s (Signed)


Luke Maddox – Reading FC U8 and WWFC Elite U8
Zac Urmacher – Watford FC U8 (Signed)
Harry White – Spurs U8
Sammy Swain – WWFC Elite U8
Jake Coombes – WWFC Elite U8
Martin Rooney – WWFC Elite U8 and Brentford FC U8


Callum Dalby – Brentford FC U7
Charlie Steer – Chelsea FC and Brentford FC U7

Riley Dourish – Watford FC U6
Amari Dumont – Watford FC U6