First Soccer Centre

First Soccer at Hazelmere Youth Centre.



Red Sessions are Pay as you go and you will be required to pay on the door and work as first come first serve basis.

Green Sessions are pre-paid in advance or on week 1 will cost £77 (14 weeks) or £6.50 pay as you go.

Blue Sessions are pre paid in advance or on week 1 will cost £98 (14 weeks) £8 pay as you go.

Places are limited per class to guarantee quality of coaching and places will be on a first come, first serve basis.

First Soccer Timetable for Hazelmere Youth Centre
Week commencing  11th April – week ending 18th July 2016

Hazelmere Youth Centre First Soccer Timetable

For further information regarding any of the courses please get in touch with one of the contacts below:

First Soccer Centre E: T: 01494 813364
Richard Camden (Director) E: T: 07887 777845
Andy Rose (Centre Coach) E: T: 07850 341374

Otherwise click on the button below the timetable to get booked up now!