Ever wondered how some of the top flair players in the world such as Neymar, Messi and Ronaldinho learned their skills? Check out Futsal & get involved!


Known across the globe as “Half Football”  its name taken from the Spanish words for Half (Sala) and Football (Futbol). Futsal is indoor based football for no more than 5 players on a team and is played with a smaller weighted ball to reduce bounce and make the game more skill based. With a smaller field of play, players have to quickly adapt to playing under pressure and become more comfortable with the ball. The skills required in Futsal will improve every player who attends guaranteed.

First Soccer Futsal will be concentrating on individual ball manipulation and teaching children to relax with a ball at their feet and promote as many touches of the ball as possible with the smaller weighted ball. Every session each child will have a ball each for around 30 mins and be shown lots of skill moves and different ways of using these skills. The 2nd half of each session will be based around 1 v1, 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 situations. We will also play Brazilian samba and dance music during the sessions to help the children express their skill even more to the rhythm.

We already have lots of schools signing up for this exciting program of sessions in September and we are in the process of booking regular venues so please keep checking back here and on the courses section. We will run beginner Futsal for new players to learn the skills and advanced sessions for older elite players. If you feel your childs school could benefit from these sessions and would be interested please get in touch.

Tots Age 2 – 4
Wednesdays – Hazlemere Youth Centre (Indoors) 9.30am – 10.15am

Reception/Year 1′s
Wednesdays – Hazlemere Youth Centre (Indoors) 4pm – 5pm

Year 2′s/3′s
Wednesdays – Hazlemere Youth Centre (Indoors) 5pm – 6pm


Email Rich to express interest:  rich@firstsoccer.co.uk